Otter Creek Child Center was founded in 1984 in a turn-of-the –century farmhouse and strives to maintain the homelike atmosphere it provides. A private, non-profit organization, the center serves children ranging in ages, 6 weeks to 6 years. Otter Creek is committed to providing high quality early care and education for all families. We believe diversity is an essential part of any community of learners.

Otter Creek strives to be a leader in early childhood education by offering a curriculum which respects the rights of children and reflects their ability to construct their own knowledge. Interactions between teachers and children are nurturing, caring, and respectful of children’s individual needs.

The role of the teacher at Otter Creek is to be a researchers; paying close attention to what children are telling us about their interests. Teachers are collaborators; working as partners with parents, children and each other in the support of children’s search for understanding. In this way, learning becomes an interactive process that values imagination, creativity, joy and fosters a love of learning.